Well control courses: Drilling technology IWCF / Workover (incl. IWCF fee)

Foundation course (5 days)

Members 1.070,00 €
Non-members 1.450,00 €
Well control – Workover technology

Standard Course (5 days)

Members 1.070,00 €
Non-members 1.450,00 €

As at January 2015

Shortened shift leader course: “Sweet gas”
Members no fees
Non-members 5.095,00 €
Shift leader: Drilling Technology; Production technology (1 year at technical college)
Members no fees
Non-members 13.440,00 €
Technician: Drilling Technology; Production technology (2 years at technical college)
Members no fees
Non-members 26.880,00 €
One day course
Members 230,– € per person per day
Non-members 295,– € per person per day
Courses longer than a day
Members 195,– € per person per day
Non-members 275,– € per person per day

There is no refund for the cancellation by a participant after a course has been confirmed and paid. The Drilling Technical College reserves the right to cancel a course if there are insufficient participants. In this case an existing bill will be cancelled or the already paid fee will be refunded in full.

The cost of course documents in German are included in the fee unless specifically stated otherwise. The cost of documents for Drilling courses are always billed separately.

Additional costs incurred for special courses (transfer, accommodation, etc.) will be separately billed if the Drilling Technical College has been requested to provide them.

These are normally held at the premises of the firm concerned.

Standard courses in Germany
  • Travel expenses: e.g. economy flight, 2nd class rail, rental car (lower middle class), use of car Ancillary expenses: e.g. meals , hotel accommodation (upper middle class)
  • Travelling days for the course leader(s) and assistant(s) (all prices per person per day):
  • start before midday – 385,00 €
  • start between 12:00 and 18:00 hours – 190,00 €
  • start after 18:00 hours – no charge.
  • Provision of Drilling simulator or other device: transport and insurance costs
Non-standard courses in Germany

Course content and their financial implications are a matter of negotiation between the client and the Drilling Technical College.

Courses outside Germany

– Please enquire –